It may not happen to all of us, but it’s one of my worst fears when having multiple jobs. You show up to one, and you weren’t scheduled that day. At first you think “Sweet! I don’t work today”, but then you get a call while you are leaving and it’s the other job. “You were suppose to be at work today, we’re just wondering where you are” and then you are frantic to make it to work. Actually, I find this as a good reason to mosey in, I call back and tell them I went to the wrong work and I have to go home and change then I’ll be in. You’re going to get a write-up, so you may as well get it for being late for a good time. I hate places that write you up for being minutes late, these are the places I think to myself “If I am going to get in trouble, might as well stretch it out”.

It’s not easy having multiple jobs, I know a guy who didn’t get a day off work for 45 days straight. Can you imagine working 45 days in a row? This is the sort of thing that is ass backwards about life, you shouldn’t have to do this. Work should be a means to get by, not take over your life. We should be able to enjoy the great things around us, the outdoors, the entertainment (movies and video games), the literature. But we can’t do this if we are working 45 days in a row.

One cannot choose but wonder. You see, he has all the time in the world.