Here she is, the first female character in The Servants. She isn’t as quirky as Armstrong, but I think she will definitely be just as useful for the comic. Her profile has been added to the about page, and I hope you will have a better understanding of what she stands for. For those who are wondering Sam’s name is pronounced Sam-u-ella, and even if it is wrong… screw you, that’s how I am pronouncing it.

Speaking of saying someone’s name wrong, I have a story about that. This one is several years old, so it should be safe to share. A new worker started at my place of employment with the name Devon. This coworker of mine was never properly introduced to me, so my first interaction was seeing her name on her name tag. Having previously worked with a guy with the same name, I called her Devon (Dev-un). However, unbeknownst to me, she pronounced it differently and was going to make me aware of the difference… in her own time. She had her back turned from me when I approached her later that day, our first real conversation was going to happen as I asked her to hand me something from behind the counter. So I leaned over to her and said “Hey Devon, could you hand me some napkins from right there?” I got no answer from her though. So I asked politely again, in case she didn’t hear me or she was hard of hearing “Hey Devon, could you hand me those napkins?” and again, no answer. Now I was curious what was wrong with her hearing, she had to have heard me. “Devon?” I asked “DEVON!” but it was right then she swung around and let me know immediately that she heard EVERY word I said. “It’s pronounced De-VON!” she screamed. I was taken aback from her reaction to her name being pronounced wrong by someone who has never talked to her. I simply replied “De-VON, hand me those napkins!”. End of story, I got my napkins and found out the dangers of pronouncing people’s names wrong, so I call everyone buddy or pal now. So don’t be offended if you catch me calling you that, it’s habit.

You looked like Christmas morning.