The other day I got into a debate with someone online about what it means to throw away your vote. He believed that if you didn’t want a republican then voting for the green party was giving your vote to a republican, if you didn’t want a democrat then voting for a libertarian would be giving your vote to a democrat. I had to beg to differ, this year has been the best opportunity for people to vote for who they actually want and not go with the two party system that we’ve been stuck with. Remember back in high school, when you elected the president of your class? It had nothing to do with party affiliation, but who you liked more. If the person you voted for lost, it was ok. Why do we feel this need to fear the other person so much that we are willing to stop voting for the person we want and vote for the person we think will actually win.

Well, screw that, I say. I am done voting for the person who is more likely to beat the guy I don’t want, and I am voting for the person I do want. And here is my reason, I am no longer afraid. I am not going to be scared that the other person might win, I’m not going to be scared into voting for the lesser of two evils. I’m not living this way anymore, and I am going to happily vote for the person who fits my views the most. And I encourage you to stop being afraid of the other views out there and pay attention to who says what, and vote for whomever you align yourself with most. Enjoy politics, enjoy talking about politics… because it’s the only way for us to truly celebrate our freedoms and progression as a nation.

“Treason doth never prosper,” wrote an English poet. What’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.