“If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.” I can’t describe the disdain I have for this saying… let me try though. I am not sure who first person was to say it, but I wish to smack them on the back of the head. If it wasn’t for them saying this, I am sure someone else would have done it eventually, so it’s not a good idea to find its origins. I get the meaning of it, coming from the food industry especially, a clean restaurant is a must. But does this saying really need to be applied to anything customer service related? I had a boss who came upon me and a co-worker discussing some of the goings on in our workplace, and he said this line. We knew what this meant, someone was going to have to rearrange the pens and folders behind the counter.

It’s such crap that a person can’t be so good with their job that they can actually manage to get everything done and afford themselves a few moments of standing around to mingle with co-workers. Companies view this as literally stealing money from them, because they pay you for your service to work. However, what they fail to realize that as a human being we need time to recoup from our work. This is why we have mandated breaks, even on jobs where we just sit there and wait for customers to show up. We need a moment to collect our thoughts for ourselves and be able to think about us instead of customers and the job we work. So stop treating us like you own us “companies”, because you don’t! All you are doing is renting our service, we are still human beings that have a need to be social. Look it up, it’s normal behavior for a human being, call it a flaw in our design I suppose.

I’d rather… be DEAD!