So you did it, you finally get that interview for that job you didn’t remember applying for in the first place, and it rejuvenates your self-worth. You get there, about 15 minutes before you were told to arrive, and in the waiting room are about 10-15 other hopefuls. You notice they sink in their seats just a little more every time someone else walks in. Then it’s 10 minutes past the time you were told to be there and no one has been called back this whole time, and that the feeling of whether you are going to make it out of here before lunch begins to wander into your head. “No one’s been called back for the interview for the last 30 min?” you begin to ask yourself. “Is each person going to take this long?” And then it happens, someone from HR shows up and says “Ok, we are ready for you. Grab all your stuff and follow me!” Everyone looks around the room waiting for a name to be called out and suddenly 2 people start grabbing their stuff, then 3, 5, and you realize… it’s a group interview. SHIT!

I can’t express my disdain for group interviews. I hate them with every fiber of my being; they are the worst possible mash-up for interviews and first day on the job activities. You spend 20-60 minutes listening to people, whom you will never meet again and really don’t have a desire to get to know, talking about themselves and their “hilarious” stories about their other jobs. Then it gets to you, and you keep your story short because you realize everyone else has been thinking the same thing as you and you want to be nice and move on. Like that kid in the class who talks about tonight’s homework for 20 minutes after the teacher said 30 minutes ago “we’ll be getting out of here in about 10 minutes”, but not anymore.

I never come out well in these “group interviews”. I think it’s because I spend most of the time trying to figure out which horse’s ass started these types of interviews and what the process was that resulted in this being a good idea. Instead of taking up 10 minutes of an unemployed person’s time you take up over 2 hours. I consider it very inconsiderate to someone who needs to continue looking for jobs. This isn’t an easy subject for me; I’ve been burned by businesses who offer this kind of interview process. You can’t get to know someone through group interviews, all it does is show you who is going to be obnoxious to work with because they talk too much.

Next time someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!