Remember, “your tits are so amazing” and “nice pants, let’s get them off” aren’t pick up lines. No folks, these are sexual harassment charges waiting to happen. These type of chauvinist advances will NEVER get you laid, so just stop it. These types of come-ons will never work while she is at work and likely won’t work outside of her work. Comment on her beautiful eyes, or the sweet fragrance of her aroma if you want her to spend more time with you. For God’s sake, don’t comment about the things you want to do to her until at least the 5th date when it MIGHT be more appropriate and invited. (Hint: Make sure it’s invited first.)

The amounts of harassment women go through while in the service industry is quite appalling. I see it on a regular basis, men think they can be charming making these advances toward these women and hopefully get something for free. Trust me guys, women aren’t as likely to fall for this stuff as we are. But I do love seeing a guy turn on these advances and not only get shut down by the woman, but the woman makes a snarky remark back that brings the man to his knees, just making him look stupid.

Then don’t let a little thing like me firing you stand in your way.