Don’t pretend like you haven’t done it, daydreamed a reaction from a customer. Occasionally, it slips out of me in real life, but it’s never something that makes the customer go to my manager, so I get away with it. For instance, have you ever seen those black metal cards, usually from American Express? Did you know those have NO limits on them and cost $2,500 annually with a $5k initiation fee? These are generally for people who are probably not reading this comic or anyone I actually know. But a customer came to my place of work, which I will leave nameless until after I am successful at making this my only job, was surprised by our 5% city admissions tax here in Washington. 5%! The customer was wondering why the cost of an $18 item was costing him $18.90. A whole 90 cents and he was taken aback.

To his defense, he did get 5 of these items so the price was $94.50, and the tax was a whole $4.50. However, as soon as he threw down that black metal card, I lost all patience with him and replied “Sir, it’s ONLY $4.50 in tax” to which he replied “ONLY?!?”. I again looked at his card and went “Yep” with the nicest smile on my face “it’s a tax that goes to things like roads and education, but if it’s too much for you, I suggest you contact the local government representative and express your disdain for such a huge amount of taxes going toward our educational system here in the state of Washington. Thank you!” and he left in a puff. Mission accomplished. Killing them with kindness is my favorite way to make a mad customer more upset.

This is developing into a very bad habit!