Alright, another short storyline completed. I’m not sure how many other people go through this, getting hired for a job that turns out to be a totally different job. As a related story that brought this up to me, was at a job I was hired at that completely lied to me about what I could expect from the job. I was told it was a summer job, and would be 35-40 hours a week. Not only did this job have me work 3 days of 5 hours and one 10-11 hour days per week. That’s right, your math isn’t off, that’s only 25 hours. So my “full-time” job was only part-time. I was also told “you’ll get a raise after 3 months”, even though this was suppose to be a summer job. When that 3 months came around, there was no raise. The excuse they used, which I am sure you have all heard it, “the economy is still hurting”. I think this is a stupid excuse, especially when you made just as much money this year as you did last year. Any time you make a profit of any sort, you should be giving raises.

I think I am going to alternate weeks between “stupid customer” stories and progressive storylines like this. What do you guys think? Leave your comments below.