Introducing Brock. Information about him and a brief background is up on the about page. Mostly, I am bringing him in here for us to be able to make fun of managers. Let’s face it, not all managers got their jobs based on intelligence. So that’s the embodiment of Brock, an idiot who got the job because he’s been the longest employee at a job with a high turn over rate. These jobs usually have a high turn over rate because they are for teenagers and/or they just suck.

What does that even mean? A job for a teenager? The first thing you think about are flipping burgers or a movie theater. I call them teenage jobs because only a teenager who lives with about 3 friends or their parents can really live on the hourly wage these places offer. And these places don’t care about how many employees they go through, because they know the “kids” will be moving soon to go to college. The people who stick around are probably going to become managers, or will stick around because as the senior employee they get the schedule they want.

Don’t get me wrong, as a person who was a manager on several occasions, you can be a good manager. I always stuck by a motto I created, “let the employees know that they work WITH you, not FOR you”! However, the very nature of the management position says “we can’t trust you to do your work, so here is someone who will tell you to work”. Most of all, and this will come up in a future comic, I hate the saying “time to lean, time to clean”. You’ll see from Neil in the near future, what my response should be. Stay tuned!