Here are some helpful tips while traveling that you may not be aware of. When sleeping at a hotel, you should remove all sheets from the mattress (except the foam/cushion part of the bed), remove pillows from all pillow covers, and pile them separately in groups. (sheets together, blankets together, etc.) This will help the (usually tiny women) housekeepers from having to pull it themselves. It’s just courtesy to your fellow human being, these people do this in a rush with sore backs, about 20-30 times a day.

I did finally get a flight back to Seattle, though cancellation was still a possibility. My flight was delayed about 1 hour, this time due to mechanic error and not weather related. I had a pretty good feeling I was getting back to Seattle that night (Friday), but I wasn’t sure or picky about what time that might be. The flight was bumpy the whole way, I hate that. Maybe I will work the whole thing into a comic somehow.

I’m in a situation I can’t begin to explain.